Sunday, August 17, 2008

This blog is dead. I doubt I will update it again in the future. I will keep it online for as long as possible, mostly to preserve the huge list of links on the side.

I may begin a new blog in the near future. If I do so, I will post the new address to this blog. Any new blog would be geared more toward life in general, though I anticipate there will be several baseball related posts.

For those who are not aware, my wife and I are moving to China in four days. I'm not certain whether I can access Blogger while I'm there. If not, I may have to move to a different page, perhaps even one based in China. Don't worry -- I'll try my hardest to fill it with photos from our adventures in the Far East.


Anonymous said...

You can access everything thats clean from china. Yahoo msn and gmail are all able to open from
just an example.
It wont be a problem.

Flynn Hagerty said...

Hey Dan, this is Flynn from Baseball Primer.

I saw on another blog that you have a large collection of old baseball audio broadcasts. Do you have any in mp3 and would you be willing to trade?

Flynn dot Hagerty at gmail dot com

Cheers, I hope you get this.

Dan Evensen said...

Thanks for the messages. My time in China was interesting. Yahoo was not blocked, nor was Blogspot. However, my wife's Yahoo Taiwan blog was blocked, YouTube was blocked, and, after some time, Facebook was blocked. That anybody would ever defend the CCP's policy of internet censorship absolutely shocks and amazes me. Totalitarianism is alive and well.