Saturday, February 23, 2008


Welcome to my blog. Despite years of experience on the internet as a teenager, this is my first blog ever. Please be patient as I get the hang of things.

I created this blog chiefly to publish information about my various Diamond Mind Baseball replay projects, including both results and my thoughts. Having seen and enjoyed various replay websites over the years, I finally decided to create one of my own. My first project will be creating a season combining the All Time Greatest Players disk with two homebrew disks, the All Time Greatest Negro League Players disk by John Mortimer, and the All Time Greatest Japanese League Players disk by Ed Mortimer. Both of these disks are available for free at 2DBB's wonderful website,

I'll also post on other topics, including my rekindled love for baseball cards, my eccentric collection of baseball games on video and audio, and perhaps even my views on politics and Chinese society. I'll try my hardest, though, to keep the politics to a minimum.

Please forgive me if I don't update this blog frequently. I'm currently a senior at BYU, double majoring in International Relations and Chinese, with a German minor. As such, my academic commitments have priority over blogging about simulated baseball. Neverthless, I'll try to update often enough to keep readers coming back.

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