Friday, March 7, 2008

My Org Setup

It's not late enough to go to bed yet, but too late to do any homework. Thus, here's my second blog entry for the evening.

The best part about any simulation (or role playing game) is using your imagination to set things up. I've heard that it's more fun to set up a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon than actually play through one; likewise, it's sometimes more fun to set up a fantasy league than actually go to the trouble of playing through it. In that spirit, here's how my DMB org is set up, including both team cities and team names. If I can find more time during the week, I'll try posting about each team one by one. Oh, and sorry for the lack of creativity on some names. Any suggestions are welcome.


Eastern Division
Beijing Mets
Beijing Red Dragons
Harbin Icecaps
Nishinomiya Tigers In Japan -- I used the name of the city where the Hanshin Tigers play
Seoul Blue Dragons
Shenyang Defenders
Tianjin Lions
Tokyo Giants

Western Division
Jinan Leopards
Lanzhou Refiners
Luoyang White Horse
Taiyuan Kylin
Urumqi Flying Tigers
Wuhan Turtles
Xi'an Wild Geese
Zhengzhou Dragons


Eastern Division
Hangzhou Eagles
Hefei Hope Stars
Nanjing Monarchs
Ningbo Stallions
Shanghai Red Sox
Shanghai White Sox
Suzhou Artisans
Wenzhou Merchants

Western Division
Chengdu Spice
Chongqing Fog
Fuzhou Whales
Guangzhou Fire
Lhasa Monks
Taibei Brother Elephants
Xianggang Reds
Yunnan Bulls

Anyway, there you go. I need to spend some more time inputting the schedule by hand. If we ever see a DMB Version 10, I hope somebody goes in and changes the way leagues are created. Seriously, I'd rather study for my Econ 432 test than create a schedule entirely from scratch.

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