Thursday, April 10, 2008

Team Preview: Jinan Leopards

Okay, let's get another team preview done, for the first time in about two weeks. This week I'll cover the Jinan Leopards

StadiumMy imagination always gets rolling when I take a look at the hitter friendly layout of the Baker Bowl. I mean, it's only 280 down the right field line, with that big tin can fence out there. Seems like the perfect park for a country setting, which is why I let the Jinan team use it. I renamed it the Shandong Bowl, since Jinan is in Shandong Province.

Starting Rotation
1. Dennis Martinez
2. Mort Cooper
3. Jack Morris
4. Rube Foster
5. Connie Rector
SS. Fred Hutchinson
SS. Lazaro Salazar
SS. Red Fields
SS. Masaru Kageura

Jack Morris went to school here at BYU, as many of you already know. Masaru Kageura is actually chiefly a hitter, and is actually on Jinan's starting lineup, but he had a brief pitching career as well. I'm guessing that wasn't all that rare in Japan in the late 1930s.

I couldn't find a good website for information on Connie Rector, for some reason. In fact, it's hard to find anything more than anecdotal stories of Negro Leaguers, on and off the web. It makes me curious as to what statistical source the people who created the All-time Negro League disk used.

Tom Henke
Mike Henneman

Starting Lineup
1. Jackie Robinson 2B
2. Jack Clark 1B
3. Koji Yamamoto CF / Chino Smith LF
4. Masaru Kageura 3B / Kosuke Fukudome 3B
5. Moises Alou LF / Reuben Jones RF
6. Ellis Burks RF / Koji Yamamoto CF
7. Joe Cronin SS
8. Roy Campanella C

Marty McManus
Sid Gordon
Edgardo Alfonzo
Jay Bell
Dots Miller
Freddy Parent
Mike Stanley
Earl Battey
Toru Ogawa

Anyway, sorry for the lack of comments. Just glad to get another one done.

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