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April 25th, 1908: Boston (AL) at Washington

Here's the last game of this series.

April 25th, 1908

WASHINGTON – The local Nationals got a 6 run lead, played hard for 7 innings, then became complacent and blew it to the visiting Red Sox. The Red Sox reminded Washington that baseball games are still played in 9 innings, not 7, even when played on wet grounds.

The chief embarrassment came during the Red Sox’ 3 run 9th inning. With two outs and a runner on first and third, Boston pulled a trick reminiscent of the Orioles teams of old. Amby McConnell, the speedster stationed at first, took off without warning, drawing a throw from Washington catcher John Warner. But Warner forgot to check Bob Unglaub at third. As soon as Warner released the ball, here came Unglaub, barreling through at a high speed. The return throw was not in time, and Boston extended their lead to 9-6. Such misplays do not offer much optimism for the National’s 1908 pennant chances.

Charlie Smith then completely fell apart on the mound, walking four in the top of the 9th inning, one with the bases juiced. This prompted the hometown skipper to go to Casey Patten, the third National hurler of the day, for the final out. Not even a last-ditch Washington rally could save the game, as the locals eventually fell, 10-7.

The late Washington collapse spoiled an excellent performance by rookie pitcher Burt Keeley, as well as an impressive first inning offensive explosion. The highlight of the explosion was leadoff hitter Clyde Milan’s long drive over the right field fence. Despite his infinitesimal .083 batting average, Clyde showed ‘em that he can drive it when it counts.

The Red Sox wound up winning the series, 3-1.Washington travels to Philadelphia next, and the Red Sox will visit the New York Highlanders.

See boxscore here.

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